KTV Shanghai - Karaoke Bars with sexy Girls

on nearly every corner in shanghai you will find K-TV center. basically you can divide them in two different services.


The normal KTV (no girls)

K-TV Club Shanghai Pudong
K-TV Center Pudong

in a karaoke center, normally a group of chinese people will rent a room to sing there. this is one of the most popular entertainment for young boys and girls in china, but also whole families will enjoy parties like that. the rental for a room will be RMB 50,- to RMB 100,- for one hour, the price also depends on the time and day. it is not easy to find out, which places will be for "girls fun" and which ones are for families and normal partys, but if you see a lot of young boys and girls go inside, it should be a "veggie" karaoke place. 


Shanghai Nightclub KTV with Girls

Shanghai KTV Sex Girls
Girls KTV Shanghai

The Nightclub KTVs can have hundred or more rooms and will offer nearly the same service, but the customers there will mostly be men, and the girls will be hired separately. You can rent a room for a night (normaly from 7 pm to 1 am), sing there, drink and enjoy the party with sexy girls. The prices for drinks and food are appropriate, so that you can have a nice party starting with RMB 500,- each guest, for the girls you have to pay additional around RMB 300,- to RMB 700,- each girl for the evening. It will be very hard for you to find a K-TV with english speaking girls, so better follow our advices here. Most of the girls in a Nightclub KTV will also be available for takeout later, but not every girl, so better clear it with the mama in advance, if this is your plan. 

What will happen in a Girls KTV?

Best time to start a Shanghai Nightclub KTV session is around 7 pm, because if you are too late, the girls selection could be very bad, because the best girls have been "picked out" already by other guys.  


When you arrive in the KTV Center, you first will have to "check in" at the reception, than they will guide you to your room. most ktvs in Shanghai are booked out very often, so better you call ahead and do a reservation. It is not normal to show up alone, so better try to find some friends, customers or suppliers to join your group. a average group will have around 3 to 8 guys, but they also provide rooms for 20 or 30 guys.


after you come to your room, a "mamasan" will show up to offer the girls to you. at that time you should give her some of your requirements, for example if you need girls with some english skills or girls that will later go home with customers (because  not every KTV girl will do this). after clearing the details, she will ask some girls (around 6 to 10) in the room, than every guy can make his decision. if you don`t see a girl you like, you ask for another lineup. it is no problem to ask for 5 or 8 lineups, most KTVs have a huge selection. in some KTVs they also offer a "flowerstreet" . here all the girls will stand around and you will walk by (sometimes hundreds of beautiful girls) and select the girl you like. this kind of selection is very popular in Dongguan, but not easy to find in Shanghai. you also can select two or more girls, if you like. some groups also select a number of girls and "share" them, that`s up to you and your group. 


when every guy in your group found his girl, a waiter will show up and you will get the chance to order drinks (most time they will also serve some small food). now the group will order some bottles (for example whisky) and some rounds of beer and what else you need. the prices in a legal KTV in Shanghai are very moderate, even much cheaper than in bars or clubs.

KTV Shanghai with sexy Girls
Shanghai KTV Room

a typical KTV room in Shanghai will be equiped with a large sofa, a big screen, a great sound system and a high end karaoke system. most time you will have a dj (girl) from the house to control the computer. 

now the girls will start to select songs and they will sing for you. they will push you to select some songs also and so on. than there will be singing and playing. chinese people like to play some dice game, where the "looser" has to drink some alcohol, so very fast all of you will be drunken and you can be sure you will have a lot of fun. a KTV room is a public place, so most time exept some kissing or touching, there will not happen anything more. sometimes girls will also practice some wet t-shirt contest or strip contest, but in Shanghai you need some luck and a guy with chinese skills and experience to arrange shows like that for you. 


around 1 to 2 am, the KTV will close and you have to finish your party. a lot of ktv girls will also go home with customers, so here is the time to clear, who will take "his" girl home. 

Girls - KTV Rates in Shanghai

every ktv has different rates, but we can give you some basic ranges for normal cost.


the following fees will be charged: 

  • for the room you have to calculate between RMB 300 and RMB 1000 for the evening (only one time for each group)
  • some KTVs will ask for a mamasan fee and for that you should calculate between RMB 200 and RMB 400 (one time for each group)
  • the waiter also will expect a tip between RMB 100 and RMB 300 (one time for the group)
  • for the girl who only control the karaoke computer, you also will have to pay around RMB 100 to RMB 300 for the evening (one time each group)
  • for the "party girls" you will have to pay between RMB 200 and RMB 500 for a sitting fee (each girl one time for the evening). 
  • if you want to take out the girl, it has nothing to do with the KTV center. this deal will be made between you and the girl (even the girl has to pay some commission to the mamasan).girls normally will ask for RMB 2500 for overnight, but in Shanghai at the moment most time you can negotiate the price down to RMB 1500. but not all girls will offer the "home-service", so also depends if they like you or not. 

tip: a lot of KTV girls in Shanghai are not "professionals", so they still dream about finding their future boyfriend, so if they think you are a potential "candidate" for that, your chance to take her home to a reasonable price rise up, so better act like you are single and that you will stay long time in Shanghai. if you tell them, you will leave next day and never come back, the motivation will only be the money, so it will rise up the cost. 


there will also be "highend" locations where you can pay 10 times more. also there are a lot of illegal KTVs in Shanghai, where they try to cheat tourists, so avoid to visit the wrong places.

warning: don`t visit "illegal" K-TV bars in Shanghai. on all tourist places, you will find guys, they want to guide you to new places, offer girls bars, new bar place, massage a.s.o. there you will find an absolutly overpriced service and you can lose 500 $ to  2 000 $ in a short time. if the ktv has no big advertisment light outside, you can be sure it is illegal, so better don`t go in. 

Scan QR Code with Wechat App
Scan QR Code with Wechat App

We just opened this wechat group, where you can join, if you like to come together with some other guys to a naughty KTV party. They will not be arranged by us, but if we can help to bring some guys together, it`s always great! The parties will be arranged by the group members and all guys who join simply share the cost. The group is "moderated" by a "mamasan" with good English for the party arrangement!

Download Link for QR Code Wechat Group
Or if you use it on mobile phone, click the download link, than save the picture and select "from album" when wechat ask you where to get the QR code. Hope there will some great parties come out.
JPG Image 137.4 KB

Here you can find the upcoming KTV parties you can join:


-  no actually mentioned date, feel free to join the group and set up your own date and let others join in.



If days mentioned above, than we have guys in the group who would like to party and they are looking for guys who like to join in on a shared cost deal. So as more will join, as cheaper the party for everyone will be - and beside that as more fun for all the guys there. So feel free to join the group if you like to party. If you prefer another date, you also can suggest this day in the wechat KTV group and if enough guys "go in", than you can party with your new buddies together. 


Have fun and see you in the KTV-Group 



Could be you know a good place you want to share with our visitors here? Than we would be happy if you can leave a review. Please don`t forget to include adress, perhaps some contact information and the rates in you comment. 

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    If interested in a KTV party on April 9th evening.
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    i am working with SNG to get a party going.

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    Pan (Saturday, 19 November 2016 16:45)

    As per advice above. Avoid all men outside hotels offering to take you to a new club or KTV. I got duped, hijacked to an illegal place, threatened and finally, fleeced 10K RMB when they forced me to withdraw from an ATM.

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    till now one mentioned a potential party in the group as far as I know, so feel free to be the one and see, if some more guys will join in.
    Just join the KTV group and if you are lucky, there will be some guys who are free that day too.

    Have fun,


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    When is the next KTV party in August? I would be interested to join.

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    Enjoy a great KTV night,


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