Barbershops - Brothel in Shanghai Style

The barbershops are the classic "borthel" business in Shanghai. Some years ago you will be able to find small shops in every street (like still in some other small cities all around china). Now they are much harder to find, because many of them have been closed while the expo happend 2010. A typical Barbershop in Shanghai pretend to be a haircut studio, but finally you will not find any scissors there. And from outside it`s obviously, which service they offer. Most time a lot of (bored) girls sitting around, not chair for a haircut there, so everyone will know what they offer). The service is more focused on the "poor" local chinese men, so don`t expect any "high class enviroment" or english speaking people there. Most time there will be several shops together in a cluster, so that you can pass by and find the girl you like most, before you enter the shop.

Some of the Barbershops in Shanghai sometimes also offer special events like uniform or gothic days, where all the girls in one shop are dressed in a special - and most time very sexy - style.

Some years ago a clear identification mark (red light insight, turning cylinder in front of the dore) helped you to find them easy, now less barbershops still open and most of them will not have red light insight any more.

In a typical Barbershop, the service will be limited to one shot and should not last more than 5 to 15 minutes (if you need more time to "finish", they will get very pushy soon!).


Tip: very often, the girl you select will go with you to the massage room, than more and more girls will try to join, so at the end you can have 5 or more girls around. Better avoid that and refuse the other girls. You will never get a hot "moresome", and the service will not be better, but the price will be much higher, because you have to pay for every girl (who most time will only stand beside) finally!

Average price: 80 RMB for handjob

        150 RMB for a blowjob

        200 RMB  for full sex service

From Foreigner they will ask at least 100 to 200 RMB more, so it depends on your negotiation skills, what you really have to pay.

Tip: If they ask much more, just offer a price and leave than. Most time they will call you back and accept your offer. 

Shanghai Barbershops Location List and Map - NEW

Don`t miss to check out our Shanghai Barbershop Location page with more than 60 streets all over Shanghai. Including a map service to check, which Barbershop street will be around your place and how much time you will need to go there:

Shanghai Barbershop Locations

if you have any experience with a barbershop in Shanghai, good or bad, please leave a comment to help us to keep the page up to date. please don`t forget to tell us which barbershop you visit. thank you very much!

Comments: 61
  • #61

    Bob (Monday, 27 March 2017 16:01)

    Is there any barber shop in jiading

  • #60

    88China (Sunday, 26 March 2017 07:27)

    Hello there.
    was not expecting the reply to be so sad... I mean surely we can find something here. no sauna where you know this happen?

  • #59

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Saturday, 25 March 2017 03:59)

    yes, book a flight to Bangkok or Manila!

    Shanghai is not a cheap place for sex any more, so it`s already not a great city for guys who easily feel "stupidly overcharged"!
    But now combine that with the fact, that anal sex in China is really not very popular and most rated as "dirty" or "extremely private"..... and than think about your chance to find reliable anal service for a reasonable price in Shanghai.......
    Probably you would need to spend a lot of time and effort and still need to be "fucking lucky" to find a girl who don`t know that provide sex is a way in Shanghai to make at least 20k a month and additional like anal sex or grow up in an environment where she not got told it`s pervert.
    Compared with the effort you probably need to spend to find her, I would guess a ticket to Manila is much more efficient.

    Have fun,


  • #58

    88China (Saturday, 25 March 2017 03:47)

    Hello. Any idea where to find anal services but not stupidly overcharged?

  • #57

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 29 October 2016 03:41)

    that kind of "service" has been popular in the south like for example in the "good old times" of Dongguan. In Shanghai "outtake" has never been part of the Barbershop service. And even arrange it private is a kind of tricky, because the girls often work till 6 am, and while the working hours they for sure not allowed to leave with or to a client.
    If you get very closed to a girl, could be she come over in her lunch break, but that would for sure require several visits and Chinese skills. And don`t forget: if you ever see, how the hygienic conditions of their other clients are, you probably would give up the idea to get too closed to them before they shower with hot water for at least 30 minutes ,-)

    Have fun,


  • #56

    Mykindajerk (Monday, 24 October 2016 11:07)

    Do the barbershop girls ever do outcalls? Like they will come to your hotel for a price? I was watching Asian Sex Diary and it looked like he had done that.

  • #55

    Neil (Sunday, 16 October 2016 19:22)

    * Also posted on the 'Barbershop' section *

    I moved into a place near 栖霞路 (Qixialu) back in February 2016 and upon walking down the road there would always see around five shops there with girls outside. The sight was tempting but I had a girlfriend at the time.

    This Summer though I had no girlfriend and paid for an independent escort. Despite paying around 1300元 she was awful really. Anyway back in September I saw one of these girls at 栖霞路 and thought well why not. She looked hot and took me to a completely different building where there was a bed in a small room and offered a full service for 300元. She was friendly, hot, and a good fuck too. I took her for around 10 minutes, so all in all just 15 minutes.

    On 3rd October I went back, this time paying 250元 for another full service with another girl. Again pretty attractive and I was satisfied.

    Last night (16th October) I went back and the entire road has been raided. AFAIK there five shops there, four on the main road and one to the side. Three of the shops now have no windows nor over-door shops signs. They have been completely stripped out bare. I even saw lots of young men peering into them quickly and then scurrying off... I am not sure when this happened, but it was clearly between 3rd and 16th October, probably towards the latter date...

    I cannot imagine those places returning, and neither will the girls. Both girls I was with where not from Shanghai. It is a shame. The girls were hot and offered a good service. Most importantly for me it was cheap. I would rather pay 300元 for one girl at 15 minutes, then 1000元 for a 60 minute section with one girl. Furthermore because they did the deed in completely different buildings (it wasn't 'upstairs') I thought it was pretty safe.

    I got the feeling that 栖霞路 had had these shops for years. But I think that is the end of them. In fact Pudong as a whole has very, very few of these shops now. I reckon Hongkou will follow suit soon.

    Anyone got any more information about this situation? I guess I will need to find a new place...

  • #54

    Markus (Sunday, 16 October 2016 17:05)

    A gang cashed me today! 5000 RMB on in the 10th Floor on the Hui Jin Tower (ABC). A chinese girl support me in the near of the subway station to this building. She get 100 RMB for this "help", the Girl for a handjob 300 RMB and two guyes doesn't leave me go, until I payed by credit card 5000 RMB for a watermelone, one drink for the girl, one beer and three Cognacs. This was my last adventure ...

  • #53

    Mens (Saturday, 20 August 2016 04:57)

    Are you guys one of the barbarshop people? because I want to trust you but since I don't know why you guys made this... Why did you make this? For our safety or for money or scam? Please say it's for the foreginers. THANKS :D

  • #52

    Jerry (Monday, 30 May 2016 08:12)

    think a few of the posters here should try getting a fuck buddy or at least a girlfriend. . .

  • #51

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 08 May 2016 03:36)

    I am afraid no one can recommend you a better shop, because what you describe is pretty much a normal and standard Barbershop Service.
    Regarding to the fact, that the cheapest sauna clubs have girls starting on a rate of around 600 RMB, but for 90 minutes including several pops.
    So 300 RMB for up to 10 minutes is from my view only a deal for someone who is in hurry....
    And beside that the security problem is also much higher in a Barbershop... I would guess there are at least 20 to 50 times more raids in Barbershops than in Sauna clubs - less security borders between the police and you like hidden doors and so on (which always will cost them tiime to come to your room and give you time to leave.

    Have fun in Shanghai,


  • #50

    David (Sunday, 08 May 2016 03:21)

    Any suggestions of better shops in Xujiahui area?

  • #49

    David (Sunday, 08 May 2016 03:21)

    Avoid the shop near Yishan Lu metro. Despite paying 300 girl (who was very pretty) would not blow me or pretty much touch me, nor could I touch her. She just dropped her pants and told me to get on with it. After some awkward attempts to get myself hard she just lay there until about 20 seconds in telling me I'm done. What a waste.

  • #48

    Uncouth (Thursday, 05 May 2016 04:14)

    Hi peepx, will be staying in Changfeng park. Any such shops nearby? And also, what are the usual operating hours?

  • #47

    paul (Thursday, 07 April 2016 03:52)

    Anyone have been to go in shuiqinglu barbershop
    ? And i want know other place price

  • #46

    Punter (Wednesday, 23 December 2015 02:09)

    The anyuan road bbs are now gone! Any idea where they moved to?

  • #45

    Sebastian (Sunday, 06 September 2015 03:21)


    If u want full service, u need to go to the small one where girls r standing in front of the door, they r just near by the temple one,

    If not, happy ending, I recommend u to go near anyuan road on xikang road near kangding road ..238 and clean

  • #44

    Jon (Friday, 04 September 2015 09:49)


    Which place on anyuan road would you reccommend? There are two massage places that I have spotted in that area, one with a more fancy temple like front and the other a smaller place a few doors down from an eating place

  • #43

    Punani (Monday, 03 August 2015 17:20)

    Walked by anyuan road with my dog a couple of days ago.. Those woman are not kosjer at all when you See them in day light.

  • #42

    Dave (Sunday, 26 July 2015)

    went to one near hechaun road subway station. Ended up paying 300 RMB for full service with decent looking girl. Did not feel it was unclean

  • #41

    Sebastian (Monday, 20 July 2015 03:12)


    Yes Steven I agree with u, those places r not very clean, just been once.

    I was just saying that around anyuan road have few massage store, I tried some, clean and good girls, 258 rmb , never ask for tips..


  • #40

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 17 July 2015 02:04)


    thanks for the advise, but I am "out" of the barbershop business since I saw a guy come out of the room they want me to bring. He smell like he never heard about what is a sauna and I even thought I could see all the bugs and vermin running over his clothes... and I realized, that they not even changed the towel neither take a shower between serve him and me.
    From my view this cheap bbs entertainment is what I would call play Russian roulette with my health!

    Not my cup of tea,


  • #39

    Sebastian (Wednesday, 08 July 2015 05:00)

    Found some in jing an In anyuan road close to xikang road
    300 rmb full service stay around 20 minutes.. Was not suppose stop by but after the sexy girl grapp me I went in lol
    Nice attitude, only problem is no shower there and very old room, first time for me in barber shop( usually go sauna or happy h massage), but the girl was too sexy lol

    Hey Steven .. This street anyuan road have a lot of massage and looks like sauna much girls walking there lol, should check it out

  • #38

    Rocco (Saturday, 16 May 2015 20:52)

    @2on1: got it, I see there are different branches of hongsong lu, not had chance yet to try

  • #37

    2on1 (Sunday, 10 May 2015 10:52)

    @rocco : did you find it ? Any report ?

  • #36

    2on1 (Thursday, 07 May 2015 02:37)

    Hong song lu jinhui lu

  • #35

    Rocco (Monday, 27 April 2015 07:53)

    @2on1: I went last weekend to Hongsong lu but I couldn't find neither massage shops nor arcades, can you give some more directions?

  • #34

    2on1 (Friday, 13 March 2015 12:40)

    @pete : infortunaly she left shanghai

  • #33

    Pete (Wednesday, 11 March 2015 14:19)

    Hey 2on1, do you remember where to find the girl who is doing anal?

  • #32

    2on1 (Thursday, 05 March 2015 16:26)

    This section is dead. Let's try to re activate it.
    Near the famous laowai street hongmei Lu 100m the fake pearl market is a street called hong song lu between yan an GAO jia Lu and wu song lu . This is the Korean area. This is a street with arcades. Left side in the corner 2 massage shop. 20 m left side 2 massage shop then right side 7 massage shop. Same process for each shop. You enter, you explain with your basic Chinese and your hand that you want massage BJ and f**k. Normally you will only see 1 or 2 girls in the shop but 10 are waiting behind because of recent events. Ask to see more. Then you choose your girl. Then you go upstairs in small and most I the time dirty massage room. Shower when the girl is doing her stuff outside (lube condom). Then it can start. Most of the time you will have at least a good BBJ + sex.
    To be honest in 50% of the case you will have a 5/10 lady with BJ and sex, 30% are 7/10 with BBJ sex and cim but sometime you will have the 9/10 pornstar with BJ rimming sex and CIM. I even met there a gem 2 times doing a so easy anal sex that I was creazy.
    Standard price is 438. Allways confirm before.
    Allways cover even for BJ. I caught one MST one time with BBJ even if I did it uncovered here dozen of times.
    Most of the time you have one shot. Allways ask for a second shot. Normal time is 1h.
    Allways pay the price. Don't bargain.
    If you want to girls price is double. I had the best 3somes of my life here.
    Be cool, relax, and ask the girl what you want. Insist gently if necessary.
    Ask the wechat contact of the girl to date her later if she is good for you.
    Then downstair. You pay. You take the business card with wechat contact and bye bye.
    For safety reason just take the necessary cash on you no paper no credit card. I never ever had any problem there the shop are very friendly just surprised to see a laowei but we never know. And as explained many times in this wonderfull website this is risky regarding police rush even if recently they have hidden place upstairs with locks. I never saw any police threats there.
    If you continue the road go right to the. Flower market. You have 5 or 6 more shop.
    Conclusion :
    Price 438
    Girls 5/10 to 9/10
    Service : random from 1 to 10
    Good luck

  • #31

    2on1 (Thursday, 12 February 2015 14:21)

    Anyone is interested by my long experience in hong song lu bbs puxi Korean area ?

  • #30

    James (Wednesday, 26 November 2014 17:13)

    Any info for pudong area? Especially around guanglan road or zhangjiang

  • #29

    sss (Sunday, 23 November 2014 20:51)

    anyone know any streets to check out in xuhui that have a lot of bbs shops?

  • #28

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 21 October 2014 14:20)

    The prices did not change recently and there is not a special wide range of services they offer. It's still 200 for a session (unfortunally they will,try to get 300 to 400 from western guys) and the service will be blow, fuck, finish! They will get unpatient and push you to hurry, if you did not finish latest after 10 minutes, sometimes after 5 minutes already. Could be there are girls who offer special services, if you tip them extra (like anal), but don't expect too much. For special service a sauna should still be the better choice.

    Enjoy Shanghai,


  • #27

    Pete (Tuesday, 21 October 2014 13:17)

    I am wondering what is the current price range in barbershops for the different service they are offering? Anybody has some experiences?

  • #26

    ken (Tuesday, 14 October 2014 12:50)

    looking for barbershop close to hotel royalton

  • #25

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 13 August 2014 07:15)


    there is not a fixed "ratio" about the risk to get catched with panties down in Shanghai, but overall it is not too high. But the risk in a small Barbershop is much higher, because first they pay less to the "officials" to get informed in advance. For example in a typical Shanghai Sauna they should know it most time at least some hours in advanced, than sometimes it could be that they will not let anyone in, and when finally the police will arrive, there will be not even one customer who is doing any "naughty" things. Second a big place will have several different "barrier levels" (like for example someone at the backyard entry who can send out a warning, hidden doors, so that the police need long time to find the entry of the "fun section" and so on, so even in worst case without warning they will still have enough time to guide you out in the back side of the building, just before the police enter in the front side. Barbershops just will be surprised by a visit, than the current guests there will have a problem. The official punishment is 10 days jail, if you are catched in a prostitution situation. Sometimes connections or a "gift" of some thousand RMB can reduce it down to a official police exhortation or they just forgot that they have met you there - but that depends who will be involved. You never can be sure! But even if you think 10 days prison is not a big deal, the real problem will come up, when they will set your current visa invalid (than you have 3 days to leave China) and they will also put you on the "no future visa list". Officially as a westerner they will "kick you out of China" for that and also make sure, you will have no chance to come back in the future. And that will be hard to explain to your company or family. It happens very seldom in China, especially in Shanghai as I know no case like that with a foreigner involved the last 4 years (till we "observe" the scene), but you never can be sure. From my view, if security is a point for you, than I would recommend to spend some more and better meet a escort girl in your hotel (which can also be your legal girlfriend) or go to a sauna where you have a much lower risk to be catched in a clear situation. .

    Happy Hunting,


  • #24

    Punter (Wednesday, 13 August 2014 06:48)

    Can i ask, what are the chances of getting raided? And are there certain times in day where its more likely to get raided?

    What happens if you get arrested? Is it fine or depirtation or what?

  • #23

    s. (Sunday, 06 July 2014 23:54)

    tryed.couple of massage places on hongmei lu near la wai jie, very good, nice massage nice extra's offered hj, bj, bbbj, all good. relaxing no fuss service, at good prices. massage range 188 to 288 pay to the shop, extras range 200 to 400 pay to the girl in massage room.

  • #22

    gem (Sunday, 22 June 2014 16:06)

    Can't find your link to HJ massage, did you delete that category?

    Went to HaoDiFang in Pudong several times, got offered HJ included in basic price of 268 every time and much much more (BBBJ, TJ, FS) for a 200-500 tip every time by different girls. They told me that not every girl offers the full menu, so maybe I was lucky? Also got a few phone numbers for hotel visit later....

  • #21

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 21 April 2014 10:23)

    Hi Dude,

    thank`s for your great report, looking forward to hear more from you on our side ;-)


  • #20

    The Dude (Monday, 21 April 2014 03:00)

    I've been to the BBS on Huanguang Lu (near Hongmei Lu). Most of the girls are cute, although not much with tits. There prices (tips) vary. Monica charged 1000RMB for FS. Alice gave an awesome BJ for 200 RMB. Kitty wanted 400 RMB for taking off her clothes and giving a HJ. I convinced her to ride my cock, but not enter her. Angel is a wild babe: 300 RMB for special massage w/o clothes. She loves to have oral sex be given to her.

  • #19

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 18 March 2014 20:03)

    @Dr J: The barbershops are never safe. You save money, but for that you rise up the risk - it`s up to you, what you think is more important for you. First the hygienic conditions are not so good, so higher risk to catch a disease, second the small shops don`t pay any "fee" to the local police stations, so the risk to be "catched" in a raid is also higher than for example in a sauna or with a girl in your hotel room.

  • #18

    Dr J (Monday, 17 March 2014 19:49)

    Where are the best and safest places to go for a quick HJ/ BJ

  • #17

    Mr B (Tuesday, 18 February 2014 14:50)

    You go in, MamaSan will ask you if you want sex massage. You look at the girls and select one that looks back on you. If they don't look at you they are not interested serving you or westerners in general (some girls think westerners are better equipped than locals) and it will not be a good time.
    Agree on price, they will ask for 400-500 RMB but 9/10 will accept 200 RMB for FS. Pay MamaSan/the girl.
    The girl will bring her bag with paper towels, condoms, lub, etc. and take you to a room for the fun part. Sometimes it's behind the front room, sometimes you have to walk to another building.
    The room is often small and sometimes not too clean. In some places their are many beds in one room only separated by a cloth or sheet, you will know what the other customers are doing. But hey, you want a cheep f-ck. It can actually be a bit hot, almost like sex in public.
    Girl will take off her cloth and it's just to follow. HJ and/or BJ to wake up your friend. Use condom also for BJ, the girls have many guys every day! When you ready it's time for drilling. Different girls agree to differen sex, but you can get the normal positions.
    When you are finished the girl will help you with the condom and clean you with paper towels. Get dress and pay if you didn't do that earlier to MamaSan. Girl will help you out to the street.

  • #16

    @Rickie lai (Tuesday, 19 November 2013 13:49)

    You tryed?
    Please describe where, what happened inside, and what was good or bad. Did you feel safe? Im very curious. Also how much you paid for what?
    you speak chinese?

  • #15

    Ricky lai (Monday, 04 November 2013 02:41)

    Went to Hongmei lu and humin lu yesterday, just a few shops opened and girls was not bad quality.

  • #14

    sb (Wednesday, 30 October 2013 06:08)

    at the very begining of hongmei lu near humin lu is one, very hot girl inside, have not tryed, just qas walking by and noticed.

  • #13

    Tom (Thursday, 03 October 2013 04:19)

    Hello, any recommandation around Jing An or Nanjing xi lu ?

  • #12

    aa (Wednesday, 18 September 2013 03:20)

    any pregnant girls to be found in Shanghai ? maybe at a BBS , Street worker, website info,QQ, anyone seen or at a bar/ club?any Input appreciated.

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