Let Your Special Erotic Fantasy Become True Now! 

Every one of us will have some secret erotic fantasy. Something we dream about for a long time already. Could be the job interview which turns out to a hot sex party in the office, could be the 3some with two hot lesbian girls, could be the unforgettable night with a gorgeous model who wear the most sexiest lingerie you can imagine. 

Unfortunatelly most of us will never find a chance to get the fantasy perfectly realized. Even we try very hard to find a chance, the reality will unfortunatelly never reach our "dream" expectation. The girls in the 3some are bored and don`t kiss each other, they don`t agree to the position you like most, their clothes are cheap and not sexy at all, they smell bad, destroy the athmosphere with "upselling" or phone calls every 5 minutes and so on! Or your "high class model girl" come over with a lousy makeup, her silk stockings are just a pantyhose with open cruch, the high heel shoes let her look like a 5$ street prostitute and after a lousy massage and some mechanical action she will leave. 

If this sounds familiar to you, than we offer the perfect solution now!

We will make your dream come true! We arrange everything for you like for a professional movie production! We will find the girl(s), location, clothes, lingerie, clear the service and you just enjoy to be the main actor in your hottest personal dream story!

How much will it cost to realize your dream?

There is no way for doing a "pricelist", because every fantasy and every guys requirement for girls quality, service and enviroment is different, but we will not start any project with a budget lower than RMB 5000 (and from our experience most projects will be charged higher than that). This service is not for the "daily entertainment", we would much more rate it as a "once in a lifetime" experience. So better calculate a generous budget for this very special day. As higher your budget will be, as more high class girls and service you will be able to get. 

What will influence the cost of your "project"?

  • How many girls your fantasy need?
  • What kind of "model quality" you expect?
  • How long time your fantasy scenario will need?
  • How many time your project manager need to invest?
  • How many steps of "coordination" will be necessary?
  • Are there any "side actors" necessary?
  • Will there be additional costs for location search and rental?
  • Do we need to search and buy clothes, lingerie a.s.o.?
  • Will there be a stylist involved?
  • Any additional costs for photographer a.s.o.?

The most important point in the calculation will be the "girls cost". Here we provide a wide range of girls, starting from 1000 per hour up to 20.000 per hour. For example if you need 5 high class car models, it can be 100.000 RMB very fast, if you need only one "normal girl" for a short time, it will be much cheaper!

Our quality promise to you: 

There will be no cost, before you confirm your dream girl, so no risk to loose money, if we don`t find the right girl for you!

How can we arrange your special day?

We provide a nightlife page in Shanghai for many years already, so we have a large network with a lot of contacts, who can support our research. With our contacts to several model and escort agencies, sauna clubs, KTVs and so on, we have access to nearly all available girls here in Shanghai. So we will find exactly the girl who will be able to fulfill your fantasy in the best way (but for sure not so easy here in Shanghai, if your fantasy will not include asian girls). With our sauna connections, we also have access to several theme rooms which are equipped for having fun with girls there, like classrooms, offices, SM studios and so on.

Trust us, if there is a way, we are the one who will find it!

China is a perfect place for arrange your special "fantasy", because here in this country there is nothing impossible, if you are able to pay for it. With one of the biggest online shopping market, we can easily clear and order all the things we need, and because "handwork" here is still affordable, we are also able to produce all we need, but can not buy it (like for example tailormade clothes or even handmade sexy lady shoes)

Restrictions for our erotic fantasy service:

We try to make all your fantasies come true, and we don`t have any "moral" restrictions or will "rate" your fantasy, so feel free to ask us what ever you dream about. If we don`t want to offer or arrange that, we will tell you. But there will be some restrictions, we will not arrange or deal with, not even for a generous offer!

  • No underage sex! All girls will be 18 years or older! (We can arrange very sexy and cute "Schoolgirls", but all girls will be at least 18 years)!
  • Nothing that will hurt/give pain to the girl(s)! (Soft SM will be ok, but for hard SM you have to find another solution)
  • Nothing that will humiliate or offending the girl(s). 

Step by Step we will make your fantasy become reality

  • After you filled out our form below with your rough idea, we will do a quick check, to decide, if there is a way to fulfill your fantasy here in Shanghai.
  • If so, you will get a personal "project manager" and he (or she) will clear all details with you. For example we need to know how important which details are for you, which type of girl(s) you like, which location and so on. 
  • After we are clear about all details and requirement, we will check the cost and clear a budget for your "special project" with you. 
  • When the budget is fixed, we will start to find the perfect girl(s) for your special experience. We will make sure, she/they match to your requirement and be able to offer the service you expect. 
  • When we found one or more choices, you will get real pictures and a chance for a short meeting or a video conference, to make sure, you will be happy with her/them later. 
  • If the girl(s) is/are finally confirmed, we will go on with the "pre-production" and start to arrange everything for your special day.
  • Now you need to pay a deposit to cover the further cost and to make sure, that you are seriously on the way to realize this project. 
  • After the deposit arrived, we will start to buy all the clothes, lingerie, shoes, accessories and so on. For that we will give you pictures (or you provide for us), to make sure her styling will be exactly what you are looking for. 
  • If necessary, we now also will do "location scouting", for example if we need a hospital room, office, lounge or what ever you need for your special day. 
  • Now your project manager also will write a more detailed script for you (how detailed will depend on how detailed you like to "control" your special fantasy). 
  • We also will coach and teach the girl(s) for all the things she need to know for that special time (For example, if she need dancing skills or she should know how to play poker and so on). 
  • If there are any special "sexual skills" necessary, our girls manager will do a individual training with her for that. 
  • When you arrive in Shanghai, your project manager will have a final project meeting with you to doublecheck, that all the things we arranged are what you expected and to make sure no communication problem or missunderstanding will destroy your special day.  
  • This is also time for a second payment.
  • Regarding to your request and budget, our stylist than will style the girl for you. Like for a movie production, he will make sure the hairstyle, makeup and everything is exactly like you dream about (for that we will have exchanged pictures in advance, if you like, we even will do a "rehearsal" and dress fitting for the styling and take pictures directly with your personal dream model for that). 
  • When you meet the girl, you hand over a 3rd payment rate to the project manager. 
  • When everything is arranged, you will get a "go" from your project manager and your special fantasy will come true. 
  • If everything has been like booked, you now pay the final rate of 15% to us. 

You need some ideas, what we could arrange for your?

Here are just some "samples", what kind of scenario we could arrange for you, but feel free to ask us for your personal secret fantasy!

Unintentional Schoolgirl 3-some

What about you enter your hotel room after a hard working day, and what you find inside are two cute sexy students (schoolgirls) who are busy with kissing and touching each other in your bed (seems a mistake of the reception desk) But the girls think a guy could be a good way to make their game more interesting, so they invite you to join, what you will certainly do!

Naughty Job Interview

You invite a very hot business lady for a job interview in your office, but she start to make you crazy, when you realize, that she only wear sexy stockings and no underwear! And she enjoy to confuse you by play with herself in front of you, than she will come over to "check" your reaction. Finally you will be totally informed about all the additional private skills she will be able to provide! Or what about your secretary just step in to bring some paper, while you are "in action" and she decide to join for not to loose "competition" with the new employee?

Seduce your Model at the Bar

You come back to your hotel and you decide to take a drink in the 5 star bar there. After you sit down, the two (or three, four...) most gorgeous girls in this bar come over to take place beside you and they will start to talk with you. You enjoy all the jealous eyes of the guys around. After some small talk, the girls will come over with a naughty "secret". They like to play naughty games in public! Both of them have plugged in a toy already and discreetly hand over the remote control to you. If you press the button, you can hear them breathing faster and moan in your ears. After both of them came, you will take them upstairs to your room to forward the party with your hot models there!

Party with the Airline Crew

You think the flight attendants from your airline are really sexy? And you have a lot of naughty ideas, what you would do with them in your room? So what about you just meet a group of this sexy women in your hotel by having dinner or a drink, and you find out, all of them are interested to have a private party together! So just enter your hotel suite and the first one will start to care about your little friend, while the other girls will play with each other. Finally you will have to give your best performance this night to make all girls happy!

Send us your personal private erotic fantasy request! 

Please make sure, you understand that our fantasy arrangement service is a "high class" offer and not for "cheap deal hunters". 

If you are not ready yet to realize your fantasy with our service, but you are willing to share your ideas - perhaps as an suggestion for other guys - feel free to write down your fantasy here: 

Comments: 9
  • #9

    Tae Kim (Wednesday, 24 May 2017 00:11)

    Hi I would like to see how much it would cost for:

    1. Pretty face and long legs at least 5 ft 6 inches. Hot sexy flight attendant (wearing flight attendant outfit with tan/nude pantyhose stocking) and Office lady wearing short skirt blouse open toe heels and tan nude pantyhose. They eventually change to silky lingerie still with tan nude pantyhose

    2. I am looking for a private session at my hotel 2-3 hours maybe 3 times depending on price

    3. Massage, BJ, Submissive, bondage sex (if possible) light bondage GFE flirtatious Eager to please

  • #8

    Ahmed (Wednesday, 01 March 2017 18:48)

    Arrive in shanghai on the 15th, looking for an 18 or 19yrs old female for translation, guide and escort for 2 days, can you recommend anyone?

  • #7

    Kai (Friday, 10 February 2017 16:20)

    Hello, I have a question...I'm interested in a lactation/breastfeeding fantasy, I don't know if you have girls like this. Let me know

  • #6

    Ron (Wednesday, 04 November 2015 21:55)

    Nice service idea. May I follow up on the JAV thread? Do you think you could arrange the unintentional school girl threesome fantasy with two JAV girls who are into poo play? Like the famous Japanese way to play with hardsports giving and receiving (to/from each other and to customer)? Of course they could be Chinese too, but I have found it to be quite difficult to meet some Chinese girls who are into this type of play and play it well.

  • #5

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 23 February 2015 17:40)

    I understand jav as japanese erotic video models ;-)

  • #4

    g (Monday, 23 February 2015 13:20)

    sorry what is a jav girl?

  • #3

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 19 February 2015 19:03)

    @Steve: that is a great suggestion. We really got in touch with a guy last year who had JAV girls who will have to spend some weeks here from time to time (I did not get the point why, but they had all the time 5 to 10 girls here who spend their time in a japanese club) and we thought about a cooperation to bring them online, but finally never realized it. I will try to find a way to refresh the contact and hope we will be successfull, Steven

  • #2

    Steve (Thursday, 19 February 2015 18:17)

    Can you guys get hold of any JAV girls?
    That right there would be priceless!

  • #1

    Roland (Sunday, 15 February 2015 09:54)

    Brothers, that's an amazing idea! Hope you will succeed with this business. I totally agree, that there is all the time a "downturner". For me a ugly tattoo can destroy everything, and often they are hidden, so no chance to avoid it! Or last time I took a Viet pickup home, than nearly could not stand any more, because I had to look at the ugliest yellow green nails I ever saw in my life. Looked like her fingers already rotting, impossible for me to get any feeling while I had to think about that! I am not sure, if I will be able to afford your service, but I will think about something I can try.

    Wish you all the best,


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