Big Bamboo (Shanghai Bar)

Shanghai Bar - Big Bamboo
Big Bamboo (Shanghai Bar)

A famous sports bar near jing an temple, directly in the neighborhood of the manhattan bar. They have a nice pool table and also tabletop soccer. The staff is very friendly there and all with high level english skills. They also serve typical american styled food, so if you plan to have a western food before you later go over to the Manhattan club, than Big Bamboo is never a bad decission!. Over all a very good place for a drink and fun with friends, but unfortunatelly they don`t allow working girls to enter the bar, otherwise we all could have much more fun there!


132 nan yang lu,

near xi kang lu




Phone: 6256-2265

Shanghai Nightlife Guide checked: June 2016

good place for watch sport, bad place for find girls

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Comments: 9
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    JC (Thursday, 22 October 2015 04:21)

    Long time no see Paddy. I second his comments. There was a hot viet in the boo for a couple of yeats called Ana (2013 up until half a year back). She would drive everyone crazy too. Her world went from living life at the very top (old expat lover paying her 500K RMB/year plus a free luxury apartment and he was hardly ever there, all this just to be his fuck when he was in town), as you could imaging, Ana was one he'll of a party girl. She would party at the big bamboo until close to midnight then venture next door to Manhattan for extras. Then she mixed with the wrong crowd (I heard it was the nigerians) and started taking drugs, got into big debt with dealers, ended up losing her beauty in no time through drug use, the wealthy expat guy then suddenly ended their relationship and she tried to commit suicide. Sad story. If only she was a bit wiser and better with her money then she and her family could have lived a great life. The last time I saw her just before she went back to HCM I hardly recognized her. She looked 15 years older than a couple of months earlier. Sad story!

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    Paddy (Wednesday, 21 October 2015 12:13)

    LOL @ all the "Hookers are not allowed in there" comments...

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    Paddy (Wednesday, 21 October 2015 12:11)

    Lol @ all the "hooter are not looked in there". Place has plenty of hookers from Africa, Vietnam and even China. They just sit at the bar with their one glass of wine or a beer dressed Sexy as hell, then do a free "wanna-take-me-home" seduction show whilst plying pool (Bend over the table seductively to take shots knowing every guy in the bar is staring directly at her ass)

    On the good side, they will never suggest you take them home like the Manhattan girls do and will only ask you once you are blatantly foaming at the mouth to fuck her. The Vietnam chicks are really 10's! They stay in the big bamboo until around 11 and then head next door to Manhattan if nobody chooses them beforehand.

    One Vietnam chick called Emma is out of this world! Visually flawless and is a really nice honest girl too. At times I can't believe she does this job.

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    Pierre (Wednesday, 23 May 2012 08:58)

    This is THE new spot for Monday burgers ! YEAH ! Way to go Big bamboo !!!

    An happy and returning customer .

  • #5

    mike (Monday, 25 October 2010 23:16)

    How close is this bar to the Radisson Hotel on Nanjing Road West?

  • #4

    Dino (Tuesday, 28 September 2010 14:46)

    Just like an irish pub where drinks are fair priced and you won't get harrassed by hookers as they are not allowed in there. Good place to meet up with a small group of friends.

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    Nick (Saturday, 29 May 2010 17:26)

    The 1st place I go when I arrive in town & the last place I'll be before leaving for the airport. Great atmosphere, Foods good- the chicken parma is awesome, wonderful staff like JC, Clint & the lovely Vicki always make you feel welcome, you'll meet many great people there from all over the world to sit & drink with.

  • #2

    Lewis (Saturday, 22 May 2010 11:44)

    Have a beer there and enjoy!

  • #1

    Roger (Thursday, 15 April 2010 03:38)

    Best place for table soccer in town! I often visit the bar with some friends, before we move to the Manhattan Bar (just right of the Bamboo). Also great to watch sport on TV.

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