Cloud 9 Shanghai Sky Bar

Shanghai Bar Cloud 9
View from Cloud 9

The Cloud 9 bar is the place with one of the best views to the city (as long as cloud 9 is not covered by a smog cloud ;-). The Bar is located in the 87th level of the hyatt hotel in pu dong, This bar long time was the highest bar in the world, but now some higher buildings also provide bars in the top, so they lost this "reference", but even without that cloud 9 still belong the top bars of the world. They expect a minimum charge (round about 100 rmb) to avoid to tourists only come for a look, but it is a great place for a special drink with 360 degree view.

The place is also easy to find.

very near to the pearl tower and

the super brand mall in pudong





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best view to Shanghai, drinks are great (but high price)

no girls working, no professionals

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    tomas (Monday, 21 May 2012 06:29)

    was dissappointed with this place. sure it has a nice view only if you're sitting next to the window. also not many people there, there's no real bar so that people can mingle or see each other, everyone is at small tables or booths. place is pretty dark too.

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    Stefan (Saturday, 24 July 2010 13:23)

    The view is great, went there some days ago, at the moment Shanghai is not too dusty, so don`t miss the chance to check it out!

  • #3

    Andi (Saturday, 10 July 2010 16:53)

    don`t forget to go there very early, I try to go there, but they close at 1 am, so not a place for a very late drink!

  • #2

    George (Thursday, 22 April 2010 12:25)

    Great view and a very posh feeling there, also drinks are not too bad, a little bit overpriced, but that`s because of the amazing location, I think.

  • #1

    Steve (Sunday, 11 April 2010 19:52)

    I visit the place yesterday! Too clowdy, but the bar is very posh and high-level. To be honest, no one care about the minimum table fee.... I guess they only want to scare of the tourists, if you are inside, you can drink what ever you like and how much you like (if you look like a guest, I don`t know what will happen, if you dressed like a typical tourist, run around and show your camera! The bar is hard to find. First take the main Entry to the Hyatt Hotel, than the elevator up the the hotel lobby, than you have to cross the lobby and pass some more corridor, than take the next elevator up to 86 level, than walk up to 87. But the view is worth all this circumstances!

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