Sasha`s (Heng Shan Lu)

Sasha`s Club Shanghai
Sasha`s Heng Shan Lu


Sasha`s is located in a nice old villa, decorated on an high level and the best, they have a great garden for sitting outside. On the first floor you will find a bar to shoot the breeze, on the second floor there is a posh restaurant. Sasha`s is a good recommendation for having some drinks in a nice athmosphere with some friends. They nearly share the garden with the Zabata`s (a famous pickup bar for working girls in Shanghai), so you can perfectly combine a visit of this both places. 

The place is very famous,

so every taxi driver should

find it very easy.



bld. 11, 9 dong ping lu

near heng shan lu,


东平路9号, 11幢



Phone: 6474 6628

Shanghai Nightlife Guide checked: June 2016

good cocktails, no working girls, no professionals

very nice and big garden for outdoor drinks

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