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American Cafe with Live Musik Shanghai
Malone`s Music Bar Shanghai

the salary of an artist is much lower in Shanghai, but the prices for drinks are nearly the same, so a lot of clubs can hire really good bands. most of the artists are from the philippinss and only play cover songs, but there are specialized clubs for nearly every kind of musik - from jazz to hip hop, you only should know how to find them.

club list:

  • malone`s (tong ren lu, near jing an temple): more
  • beedees (near cheng du bei lu, area nan jing dong lu): more
  • the office (pu dong): more
  • the melting pot (jazz and soul, tai kang lu): more
  • n-square (heng shan lu, dong ping lu, near zabata`s): more
  • sbs (heng shan lu, near metro station): more

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