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If you like to meet a escort in Shanghai, you should check out our FAQ-list here. We hope it will help you to enjoy a great time with your dream girl. 

how can I find a escort in shanghai with english skills?

it is very hard to find a girl like that doing this kind of business in shanghai. most girls doing escort or massage service only speak chinese. but some ktv also have girls that can speak a little bit english, but very less. most of the girls in pick up bars we recommend here have some skills. also some independent girls specialized on foreign customers will be able to speak english. 

what is different between massage and escort service?

in shanghai most girls and agencies only offer a massage service (but this also include special service). the classic escort, where you also go out with the girl, take her around the day and evening, than stay the night together is very hard to find in shanghai. only very less girls or agencies will offer a service like that. some you can find on here: private escort shanghai

what kind of service can I get?

most girls in shanghai will provide full service (don`t expect a professional massage, even you booked a massage girl). it should be easy also to get a real girl friend experience with kissing and so on. also BJ should be no problem, but very less escort girls will offer much more than that. some QQ-Girls offer a higher range of service, but for that you should have good chinese skills, otherwise very hard to find the girls. 

can I find escort girls that are shaved in shanghai?

in china it is not popular to shave all the hair, so if you prefer that, it will be hard to find. Some are trimmed and a lot of bar girls prefer to be totally shaved (because they have a lot of western clients), but it will be still a lottery.

where can I meet my escort girl?

normally there is no restriction. most time they will come to your hotel room directly, but some also prefer to meet you outside and go to your hotel together with you. depends on time, the girl and your hotel location.

what is price for a escort girl?

the price range is very wide. for outcall (not in a sauna or massage place), you can start with 300 RMB for the cheap ugly girl on the street, than you will meet girls from thailand, phillipines or other asian countries in some pick up bars, they will go home with you for around 1000 to 2000 RMB for one night. a chinese escort girl with a beautiful body and a pretty face will start with around 1500 for an hour and around 3000 to 4000 RMB for the whole night. 

when I have to pay the girl?

most girls want to be payed in advanced (because they have no chance to get their money, if you later try to cheat them). if you don`t trust the service or the girl, you should try to split the payment, for example 50% in advanced, the rest she can get before she will leave. most girls will agree that. if you don`t want to pay anything in advanced, could be you will get very bad service, because the girl is angry with you. 

is the escort service legal in shanghai?

every kind of payed special service is illegal in whole china, but you will find so many barbershops, ktv and massage places all around the cities, so even it is not legal, it is very popular in china. but because of this restriction, the agencies and girls normaly officially only offer massage service.

can I bring the girl to my hotel room?

a lot of people are afraid about problems to bring girls to their hotel room, but normally it is very easy. most hotels don`t care and also they don`t know if the girl is a friend, a colleague or your tour guide. while the expo in shanghai, there was a rule, that no should be in the hotel after 11 pm, if she is not registered as a guest. but even this time we did not hear about any trouble to bring a girl to the room. and now it is even more relaxed. 

will I get trouble, if I will be catched by the police?

normally the risk is very very low. even they are rumors about hotel raids, we find noting that there is more than a rumor. if the police want to tackle prostitution, they will raid some pick up bars (but than this days there will be no professional girls inside) and they will also raid sauna places (normally the ones who did not pay enough payoff), so take a escort to your hotel should be the choice with the lowest risk to get any problems.

how to find a western or russian escort girl in shanghai?

most girls you can find in shanghai will be chinese or from other asian countries around. only very less western girls will work as a escort in shanghai. there are some bars (like for example bar rouge or the dragon club), where you can also find girls from russia or south america who are willing to stay some hot time with you, if you pay a little bit more. here you should calculate at least RMB 4000.

can I be sure to get what I selected before (for ex. on web page)

most time you will have no chance to meet the girl you find on classifieds or agency pages before, because all the girls want to hide their face. All of them don`t want her friends or family know what they are doing. So you will have a 0.001 chance to find any real picture in the internet. sometimes, if you are very lucky, the girl look very similar to the picture, but most time nothing alike. but if you date a girl and she is not what you expected, than no problem to ask her to go away. no one will be angry for that. they will ask for some "taxi money", but not a big deal, so don`t be shy and waste your time with a girl you don`t like! But we work hard for you to find some real girls with real pictures, so check out our escort area.

is it dangerous to meet a escort in shanghai?

there is nearly no risk. if you meet a girl, it could be, they will try to steal some of your money (so better hide your cash), could also be a ugly girl will show up, but no really serious problem. Normally girls will also try hard upselling, but this is also not a big problem, if you can stand it. 

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